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6 Of the Best Educational Youtube Channels for Kids

March, 24 2021

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Educational Youtube Channels

To YouTube, or not to Youtube, that is the question every (tired) parent asks at some point during their day… Oh, moms and dads, we know that there is A LOT to tick off on the daily to-do-list - A LOT! From swimming lessons to grocery shopping, school meetings, work (did we mention the other day job already?!), getting lunch sorted, followed by the dinner rush…

Um, we’re pretty tired after that sentence, we’re sure you are too. So that’s where one picks up the remote/ phone/ tablet aaaand… we’re back to this 👉🏽To Youtube, or not to Youtube?

Technology is a great tool that 1. Acts as a lifesaver for parents (remember that to-do-list we posted above?) and 2. Can be both stimulating and educational for kids too.

Yes, we’re here to let you know that YouTube can be an excellent learning tool. 

In fact, it can act as a second “classroom” or learning centre while at home. 

Following a few important online safety rules means that an entire world of online learning is just a simple click away.

We’ve sourced SIX of the Best Educational Youtube Channels for kids to make your job a little easier. No endless Youtube surfing ahead. But first, let’s quickly go over some of those important Youtube safety rules:

  • Download the YouTube Kids App (set the child’s age, level of skill: preschooler, school goer, or older child. Set this to your home screen preference).
  • Decide on the Search On or Search Off content enabler.
  • If using the regular Youtube app, ensure that restricted mode is set to ON.
  • Set up a Third-Party App for the family to use via Google Family Link.


And if this still all sounds a bit “too tech…” you can watch the Youtube safety tutorial video 👉 here which takes you through the entire process step-by-step. 

Back to the task at hand, some serious Youtubing coming up with SIX Educational Youtube Channels for kids:


1. Have the next great problem-solver of the world on your hands? Say hello to TED-Ed! 

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 11.48.46

Image source: TED-Ed

“Thank you for listening to my TED-Talk” has to be one of the most used catch-phrases of the past few years.

If you thought a TED-talk was just for adults, think again. TED-Ed is a sibling Youtube channel from the popular TED-TALK. TED-Ed is committed to creating lessons worth sharing for kids of an older age group (11 years plus).

This channel ensures kids will be challenged by perplexing riddles, learning about nature, or getting to ask questions nobody knows the answers to a few of the more popular educational Youtube videos on this channel include:

So if your little (or not so little) one is a constant question asker (there’s at least one in every family), take a look at TED-Ed. Choose which videos are suitable according to age and let the mass of mind knowledge begin!


2. Learning at home has never been this fun, thanks to PBS Kids!

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 11.46.25Image source: PBS Kids

If you’re little one is showing signs of great problem solving, has a natural ability for building or simply has an interest in learning about all animals, PBS Kids is the Youtube channel for your home!

PBS Kids is geared towards teaching through curriculum-based media, making use of both new and traditional platforms to support children on their path to acquiring new knowledge and skills.

A top element on PBS Kids is the high-quality programming on offer that is non-violent and  age-appropriate content. 

A few favourite videos to get started with, include:

So if you’re looking for a super-safe Youtube space, that will keep the little ones engaged, best you add PBS Kids to that playlist! 


3. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10! Let’s make sure your little one impresses with their counting… Hello Number Blocks!

Say hello to the Number Blocks! Little blocks with big ideas, having tons of number fun! Your little ones can learn how to add, subtract and count in a fun and educational way.

How is Number 3 made? That’s easy, you can take a 1+1+1 OR a 2+1 OR a 4-1… The number block characters figure out ways to show the kids how numbers work, why they work and how they can change to create new number characters.

A few favourite videos to get started with, include:

If Number Blocks proves to be a hit (we’re pretty sure it would be), be sure to take a look at the other Block series called Alpha Blocks - which concentrates on phonic fun.

“Moooooommmyyyy! I can count like a space rocket take-off person now! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5….. Blast Off!”


4. Why do lions roar? And other similar questions on NatGeo Kids

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 11.43.14

Image source: Nat Geo Kids

Who doesn’t love a great episode of National Geographic? Are grizzly bears related to Polar Bears? Does a Tiger eat apples? Why are dolphins, such great swimmers?!

NatGeo Kids is the kid’s spin-off channel of the ever-popular National Geographic series. This Youtube channel is rated as one of the top educational Youtube channels around, thanks to its high-quality videos and child-friendly approach to learning.

The NatGeo Kids videos are wild, wacky, and super fun! The channel also consists of educational games, puzzles, and photos. Videos range from geography lessons to underwater sea exploration and safari animals.

A few favourite videos to get started with, include the Weird but True 1 minute videos:

  • Winter Wonderland: Weird but true facts
  • Reptile Roundup 
  • Big Cats: Weird but true facts


5. FreeSchool…

FreeSchool is a safe and friendly place to show children famous works of art, artists, classical music, natural science, and children’s literature in an age-appropriate and kid-accessible way. To be honest, we think mom and dad might want to grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a video or two here too.

Whether you want to know why the Leaning Tower Of Pisa is so, well, leaning… Or why a fox is just so Foxy (cue Fantastic Mr. Fox books after that video…), the kids will definitely get into this form of learning technology.

A few favourite videos to get started with, include:

If you’re needing more than YouTube don’t forget that Wonderdal, our interactive edutainment centre is filled with a variety of curriculum-aligned games and learning stations to keep those little ones learning. Go ahead and book right 👉 here

6. We’re Mad For... Maddie Moate!

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 11.49.42

Image source: Maddie Moate

Maddie Moate is an extremely popular Youtuber who falls into the “EduTuber” category. Maddie is also the host of the Cbeebies Series “Maddie Do You Know” and BBC Earth’s “Earth Unplugged”.

The Maddie Moate Youtube Channel focuses on videos of Maddie’s adventures. From animal videos to plants, travel, and technology, there’s a video for all on this super educational Youtube channel.

A few favourite videos to get started with, include:

We suggest you start looking for one of those Indianna Jones type hats now… You know, for those archeological digs that will soon be taking place in the garden.

Happy Youtubing x 

Wonderdal is full of learning opportunities for young minds, if you’re looking for something fun and engaging to do this weekend, don’t forget to book your spot with us

The Amuki & Wonderdal Team
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The Amuki & Wonderdal Team

We look forward to sharing the wonders and magic of Wonderdal with you and your children. Wonderdal is a space where kids can explore, discover and experience a world of wonders in science, biology and nature. We hope this blog inspires you and your kids to be curious, to play and to discover the wonders of our world, together.

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