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8 Creative Boredom Busters For Kids

October, 14 2021

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8 Creative Boredom Busters For Kids

We know things have been somewhat “juggle-worthy”, haven’t they? But not to worry moms and dads! We’ve got your backs no matter how busy things get, thanks to a few super easy ways to beat those boredom-busting blues. 

Yaaaassssss! *as the young ones say*. We’ve compiled a list of 8 Creative Ideas To Make Sure Fun is the name of the game!

Aaaaaaaand cue that much-deserved cup of coffee for the parents!


1, Join an AudioBook Club


Joining a club might still be a little tricky with Covid-19 protocols in place, BUT that doesn’t mean the family can’t join an online AudioBook Club! We see some bookish fun in your future!


  • Grab a fluffy blanket.
  • Make a mug of something deliciously warm to drink.
  • Find your favourite audiobook and get snuggled in for some serious family audiobook club time!

A few of our favourite titles can be found here for download or here to join an online book club! 


2. The ULTIMATE  *easy* indoor scavenger hunt

Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt, Foraging Fun, call it what you will, any name will ultimately mean the same thing - it’s Fun Time!

Let’s beat the Boredom by setting up an indoor or (weather permitting) outdoor scavenger hunt. Moms and dads, we have all-weather scenarios covered!

When it rains:

  • If rainy weather has resorted to movie time, we have a super nifty movie scavenger hunt idea! Create a list of items for the children to keep an eye out for while watching. If all items are found, they win a prize!

When the sun is shining:

  • Cape Town has some of the best parks in the country. Take advantage, create a list of items for the little ones to look out for, provide crayons and pencils and tick off the list! Um, dare we say it, everybody who completes their list gets an ice cream?! We’ll let you decide on that one mom and dad. 

For a full list of scavenger hunt ideas, simply click here. Or better yet, simply download the Wonderdal Mini-Beast Hunt Activity Page, here!


3. Wonderdal to the rescue

Tree of ligt at Wonderdal-1

If only there were a place where the little ones could have fun while learning new skills, and parents could enjoy a cup of coffee. All within close proximity to Cape Town. Is that asking too much?

Well, no, not if you’re popping through to the ultimate Indoor Kids Interactive Edutainment Centre in Cape Town!

Wonderdal (that’s us) offers an interactive edutainment experience, blending creative design, award-winning educational resources and world-class technology to combine learning with play.

Children aged 5-13 years of age can discover the worlds of science, nutrition and nature across various indoor and outdoor activity zones. Not forgetting the colourful Amuki characters by their side and the trained WonderPals to supervise the young adventurers.

Oh, and to get back to that coffee situation - moms and dads, the only bit of “work” you are required to do is to decide which breakfast you want to order from Babushka Deli to accompany your cappuccino.

Best of all, Wonderdal offers Weekend Workshops! Unlike the ‘free-play’ experience of Wonderdal, this series of immersive and interactive workshops offers a structured learning opportunity, across a variety of monthly themes – ranging from literature to science, music to healthy living. 

Led by our enthusiastic Wonderpals, each Workshop uses fascinating experiments, hands-on arts & crafts, lively group discussions and engaging multimedia to bring each topic to life.

To find out more about the Weekend Workshops on offer at Wonderdal, simply click here


4. Baking time

Kids Baking

A homemade chocolate chip cookie makes everything better, right?! Right! Whether the little ones are serious cookie monsters or prefer to bake and decorate their cupcakes, we have a few ideas that will have the entire family grabbing their aprons for a morning of baking! *just don’t eat all of the chocolate chips before you start* 

Enjoy the family high tea!


5. Beat the board(om)!

Family board games

Are we suggesting the little ones create their own board game? Oh yes, we ARE! Aside from all of the fun family time ahead *a big bowl of board game popcorn is a must*, board games also offer an educational aspect of fun, such as:

  • The basics of turn-taking
  • Counting and recognising numbers on the dice
  • Simple addition and subtraction tasks

From creating a favourite like Snakes and Ladders to adapting a car moving game, once the little ones grasp the concept of simple dice games, their imagination can take the wheel for more complex games.

Take a look at some of these board game creating ideas!


6. Let’s plan a movie night

Family movie night

Family movie nights are the best kind of nights! We certainly think so, and we’re pretty sure the little ones would agree too!

Whether you’re creating your very own “drive-in” movie theatre, complete with diner-style food, or are simply providing everybody with their own popcorn boxes - get comfy and get excited for movie night!

  • Plan a theme: Frozen, again? The movie, not the Cape Town winter… Make sure snow cookies, frosted popcorn, and ice juice are available.
  • Let the children choose: place the titles of appropriate family-friendly movies in a hat and pull out a piece of paper. We love these family movies!
  • Popcorn station: Create your own popcorn pick n’ mix! 

You can find a few more movie night ideas right here.


7. It’s fort time

Could there be anything more fun than building an indoor DIY fort?! We think not!

Use it as an epic reading nook or the perfect spot for all of those lockdown indoor picnics. We think fort building is the best way to have FUN!

What You’ll Need:

  • Blankets, cushions and pillows
  • Battery operated fairy lights - for that little touch of magic
  • A few chairs
  • Cuddly toys
  • Pegs
  • And snacks, of course!

How To Do It:

  • Select a spot in the home where you won’t be in the way.
  • Use the chairs to map out a space strategically.
  • Cover the chairs with blankets. 
  • Add additional blankets to the floor, along with a mattress and some soft pillows and cushions.
  • Use the pegs to help hang your fairy lights.

Arrange snacks in a convenient space, bring in the books, along with a torch or two and happy fort days (and nights)!

For more super fun fort building ideas, simply click here.


8. Start a new hobby: finger knitting FTW

Finger Knitting

Today is the perfect time to start a new hobby. Something like finger knitting, to be precise!

Wool is readily available, and the best part is knitting needles aren’t required - the “needles” are already on your hands *wiggles fingers*!

From creating easy DIY crafts, or sweet little woollen animals, pick the colour of your wool and get crafting! We looooove these easy finger knitting spoooooooky woollen ghosts; how cute?! Watch the tutorial video of how to create them here.

And when you’ve been through our boredom-busting list and need a little something extra to fill the time, remember to pop into Wonderdal for some much-needed family fun!

Many Happy Boredom-Busting Days Ahead! x

If you’re looking for more fun, adventurous and memorable activities take a look at our jam-packed Parent’s Survival Guide to The Best In Kids Entertainment. Click the button below to get your copy. 

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The Amuki & Wonderdal Team

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