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3 Great School Outing Ideas in Cape Town

December, 8 2021

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3 Great School Outing Ideas in Cape Town

In-classroom learning is high on the agenda for any teacher but the importance of taking students on excursions is as important for students and teachers alike.

Experiencing information in a different environment allows students to absorb, interact and immerse themselves in new lessons and ideas. Touching, seeing, asking and understanding are vital elements when it comes to comprehending and retaining new information. 

Of course, adding an element of fun into the equation never hurts - a day trip with peers is always exciting but school outings are so much more than simply getting through a lesson, it is also about creating lasting memories.


1. Wonderdal

3 Great School Outing Ideas in Cape Town

Teachers, if you haven’t already heard about us, this is what you need to know…

👉🏽 we’re an Interactive Edutainment Centre for kids aged 5 to 13, conveniently situated in the Cape Winelands between Durbanville and Stellenbosch. A handy map and coordinates can be found here.

Wonderdal has been specifically designed with educational consultants to dovetail with the formal school curriculum, with the focus on teaching natural science, technology, nutrition and life skills through a variety of indoor and outdoor activity zones. 

Wonderdal offers an immersive and interactive edutainment experience, blending creative design, award-winning educational resources and world-class technology to combine learning with play.

What makes Wonderdal extra special are the colourful Amuki characters that are by the side of little learners, as well as our trained WonderPals, who help supervise young adventurers on their fun day out!

Wonderdal has Seven Interactive Learning Zones that have been designed to foster children’s creativity and promote knowledge and skills across a variety of educational themes, that all align with the CAPS curriculum in the most captivating way.  


What is there to do at Wonderdal?

The Wonderdal experience includes 2 hours of fully supervised learning time, with teachers assisted by the ever-present Wonderpals. Learners can make use of the 7 Learning Zones and the outdoor obstacle play area which is great fun, as well as good for flexing some of those growing muscles! 



How much does it cost to visit?

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what it costs and what a trip to Wonderdal includes:

  • A 2-hour fully supervised Wonderdal play session
  • Re-usable Wonderdal safety socks
  • Trained WonderPals at every edu-zone, to guide the entire duration of play
  • Facilitated snack time and bathroom breaks
  • Complimentary coffee at our Babushka Deli (for every 10 students booked)
  • 1 Free teacher entry for every 10 students booked
  • A Teacher Pack, with free classroom resources and activities

Best of all, Wonderdal ensures a stress-free yet super fun outing for both teachers and students!

The pricing for schools groups can be found here. Great news! We are running a Spring School Special to ensure your 2022 outing is outstanding in every way possible.  Benefit from our reduced rate of R80 for your school outing for 2022, if booked before March 2022!  

How to book?

Booking a spot for your next school outing couldn’t be easier! Simply email schools@wonderdal.co.za to book your spot.


2. Two Oceans Aquarium

Two Oceans Aquarium

Image source: Two Oceans Aquarium

We’re pretty certain that all children within the Cape Town area know of the Two Oceans Aquarium and for those who haven’t been (and for those that have) a visit is a definite treat! It’s also conveniently situated at the V&A Waterfront, ensuring that transportation is safe and efficient.

Living close to the coastline makes learning about marine biology and the underwater world even more appealing. In collaboration with the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation, the Aquarium offers exciting activities to school and youth groups. 

School teachers are able to hand over the teaching reigns for a little while and observe as the CAPS-related activities are delivered by qualified and experienced teachers. Information and learning are offered by qualified, vibrant and effective environmental educators.

All of the Two Oceans Aquarium lessons are aimed at allowing learners to understand freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems better as they discover it through hands-on lessons.

What is there to do at the Two Oceans Aquarium?

For the little ones (Grades R to 3) an educational puppet show is available at the Aquarium. There are currently six interactive puppet shows: “I Love Turtles”, “Keep the Beach Clean” and “I Live Smart”, available in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. The shows are supported and based on illustrated books all related to the stories. 

All school outing trips are coordinated by the Aquarium’s Environmental Education Centre

School groups will be taken to one of the dedicated Discovery Centres (for Grades 1 to 12). These classrooms are equipped with mini-exhibits, sea creatures learners can get up close and personal with, interactive whiteboards and digital microscopes.

Some of the most popular lessons are the “Big 3

  • Underwater Wonders: This hands-on investigation of the lifeforms in SA's tidal pools look at creatures such as anemones, sea stars and sea urchins, which survive and thrive in tidal pools. 
  • Fish Lessons: An introductory lesson to various species of fish, as well as their particular survival techniques.
  • Shark Lesson: Learners are able to explore the world of sharks and cartilaginous fish by interacting with living baby shy sharks

How much does it cost to visit?

School outings to the aquarium are booked at a discount rate, with all school rates available here.

How to book?

Booking a school outing to the aquarium couldn’t be easier. Simply follow this link and complete the necessary form - easy!


3. Artjamming

Artjamming Somerset WestImage source: Artjamming

Artjamming, according to their website, can best be described as “the art of paintertainment” - we think this is spot on!

From painting to sponging, squirting, splashing, brushing or simply getting some squelchy paint onto one’s hands, a school outing to Artjamming will certainly be a trip to remember.

Don’t let artistic talent stop you from considering Artjamming as an excellent school outing – artistic interpretation takes on many forms and even learners who might not necessarily be gifted in the painting department can have a good go at developing those fine motor skills.

What is there to do at Artjamming?

Express yourself freely and let your creativity take flight. Art has never been this much fun at school and all materials are provided with a variety of:

  • Different-sized canvases
  • Easels
  • Non-toxic acrylic paints
  • Brushes and other necessary tools

And if learners are struggling with inspiration, helping hands are there to offer some inspiration, with qualified artists at the studio to provide all sorts of artsy advice.

How much does it cost to visit?

R160 per child, which includes the cost of all materials - there are also some freebies on offer via the Artjamming website, so make sure to download various colouring printables!

How to book?

Booking a school outing couldn’t be easier! Simply follow this link and email to enquire.

We can't wait to welcome you to our world of wonders and take learning beyond the classroom with an outing that is sure to have your students say learning is SO fun!


What are the benefits of school outings?

Here are four key educational benefits as to why getting your students out of the classroom is actually good for them!

1. It Reinforces Classroom Material

Capturing your students’ attention is a struggle for all teachers. Keeping lessons exciting while educational is no easy feat, which is where school outings come in…

For students, a day out of the classroom with friends is pretty exciting but it also offers the opportunity to reinforce course material while allowing learners to visualise, experience and discuss information within a relevant setting.

2. It Encourages Students To Learn via  Multimedia

Multimedia plays a big role in our lives and even education these days. Just take a look at what we offer at Wonderdal - a full educational, multimedia experience that grabs learners’ attention for a good few hours. Traditional classroom methods, although necessary, may at times lack such a visual offering. 

3. It Provide A Cultural Experience

Getting learners to understand and grasp the importance of cultural studies can be tricky… A school outing to experience these cultural explanations first-hand offers a wonderful opportunity for students to better understand many of these topics.

4. They Can Make Memories with Friends

Removing learners from their usual surroundings encourages them to work as a team, reinforcing not only existing relationships but encouraging new ones too - all while having fun, of course.

School outings are critical to learning outcomes, so go ahead and book a day of adventure and learning for your classroom today. 

Happy School Outings x

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