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How To Find The Perfect Kids Birthday Party Venue In Cape Town?

August, 2 2021

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Wonderdal Birthday Party Venue

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You! - probably the most well-recognised song in the history of songs! Well, certainly if you’re a parent to children under the age of 12… Oh yes, if birthday party prep was simply about the Happy Birthday song, we’d be sorted. 

But, it’s not…

Nope! Parents now have the task of finding THE perfect kids birthday party venue in Cape Town for the little one’s big day. Not to worry moms and dads, we have created the ultimate checklist regarding how one goes about finding THE perfect birthday party venue! Not only do we let you know all about Wonderdal - yes, we cater for birthday parties too (you don’t have to do a thing parents!) but we also help you think of all the questions you should ask when trying to find the perfect venue!

All you have to do is make sure you don’t forget the camera to capture blowing out the candles… “Hip, hip, hooooooray!”


1. Remember the numbers…

Wonderdal Birthday Party VenueThe first thing to remember when it comes to finding the perfect kids birthday party venue is to do a quick count as to how many people will be invited AND how many people the venue can accommodate. It seems like an easy enough equation but sometimes one or two (or three five) additional people tend to rock up, errrr, uninvited.

We do suggest remembering that venues now have to stick to strict Covid-19 protocols regarding how many people are allowed in a space at one time. 

A few pointers to remember:

  • Small kids birthday parties mean parents will also attend.
  • A sibling might be in attendance too if a babysitter isn’t available.
  • Grannies and grandpas always want to be invited - the numbers are adding up.

At Wonderdal, we do take Covid-19 safety protocol extremely seriously, party or no party. You can read all about our protocols and how we keep little adventurers safe, here.


2. To bake a birthday cake or not to bake a birthday cake

Wonderdal Birthday Cake-1

It’s the question on many parents' lips… 

Baking is wonderful - baking a fancy birthday cake and getting the entire kitchen covered in cake batter - not so much! That’s why it might be a good idea to check if any potential kids birthday party venues also supply a cake for the big day. 

That’s where Wonderdal steps in - we do, we have the birthday cake (and cupcake) situation completely under control! Our chef expertly bakes a Wonderdal-themed birthday cake (it’s so pretty!), with Amuki-coloured rainbow layers and buttercream vanilla icing - can anybody scream YUM?! Oh, you’re probably wondering who the Amuki are? Weeeellllll….

  • The Amuki are the inhabitants of Wonderdal Edutainment Centre
  • They are friendly, quirky and highly intelligent creatures with shimmering, colourful bodies and leafy ears. 

Read more about our cake-cellent birthday bakes, here and learn a little bit more about the Amuki, here.


3. Is there birthday party entertainment at the venue?

Wonderdal Party experience

Nobody and we mean nobody wants a room or space full of bored children - eeeek, no thanks!

One of the top things that should appear on your “to-check-list” should be if the entertainment is good enough to keep little ones entertained while drinking at least two cups of warm coffee!

Well, that’s where Wonderdal comes into the scenario, we are the top Kids Edutainment Centre in Cape Town after all!

Wonderdal offers hours of birthday fun for kids! The interactive world of Wonderdal is all about learning through play, with a fun variety of activities, games and puzzles. Our trained WonderPals are always on hand to help guide kids through the magical world of Wonderdal for two whole hours - we said TWO hours *yay!*.

To read more about what the Wonderdal Party experience is all about, simply have a read through our party package, here!


4. Is catering supplied?

Wonderdal catering

The cake is sorted but what about the rest of the snacks? Little bodies need nourishing food (we think the party-going parents would agree - for themselves too - lolz). Easy, handheld snacks are a must but we know that takes time and we know not everybody is Jamie Oliver in the kitchen!

Wonderdal is all about providing healthy treats and snacks to little adventurers during the two-hour party slot. 

The Amuki of Wonderdal don’t like junk food, and neither do we! Our talented chefs provide all the food for your little one’s birthday celebration: think healthy treats and light bites to keep kids powered up through their party slot!

Take a sneak peek at some of the catered yumminess!


5. Is the venue far away?

Good question! One should bear in mind that some of those attending the birthday party will be coming from different areas. 

Luckily, Wonderdal is conveniently situated close to Cape Town and the northern suburbs (between Durbanville and Stellenbosch) - which means we are literally a short drive away! It’s no wonder that we’re known as one of the most popular kids’ birthday party venues in the Stellenbosch Winelands. 

Now that you know what to look for and now that you know just how easy Wonderdal makes the entire birthday party experience, all you have to do is write out the guest list, pick a date and book!

Happy Birthday Party Planning! X 

If you're looking for the perfect venue for your kids birthday party then click the button below 👇 to see how Wonderdal can turn your little one's party dreams into their best day ever! 

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