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Nature Conservation for Kids: 3 Ways The Little Ones Can Look After The Environment

August, 27 2021

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Nature Conservation for Kids

Can your little ones memorise the differences between a rhino and an elephant? Do they spend their free time watching live bush safaris on Youtube or simply cannot wait for the next family holiday that involves animals, hiking through forests or doing something completely immersed in nature? We don’t blame them!

Well, it sounds like you have a budding nature conservationist on your hands! And we’re sure you couldn’t be happier! What’s better than having your little ones care about animals, our beautiful wildlands and the environment? Nothing in our books!

We’ve listed 3 ways the little ones can look after the environment, and it’s all pretty exciting! So pack those backpacks with supplies *snacks essential*, make sure the torch batteries are full and put on your comfiest pair of hiking boots - things are about to get nature fantastic!


1. Book A Family Safari Holiday 

Family Safari Holiday

If you’re looking to unwind and feel like a holiday is well-deserved (oh, it is moms and dads, it is) but need to make sure that your little nature conservationists are well-entertained, look no further than Samara Private Game Reserve.

Unlike some game reserves, Samara is incredibly child-friendly, specifically catering to those with children from the ages within the toddler spectrum right up to the teenage years. 

Samara Game Reserve’s Family Safari ensures that the next generation of eco-warriors is well-equipped with ample knowledge about all things wild and wonderful.

The game reserve is malaria-free and offers excellent sightings of the Big Five, and best of all, children are booked into the Samara Cubs Programme upon arrival.

The Cubs Programme includes:

  • Suitable for children aged 3-12 years of age
  • Track identification
  • Learning about Khoi-san painting
  • Walking stick carving
  • Storytelling
  • Spekboom planting
  • Orienteering and navigating

The bush is their outdoor classroom, and the kids get to learn about a variety of species and how they all interact to create a thriving ecosystem. They'll also get to learn about the "Funny Five". 

And for the older children, the Adventure Club includes; bush walks, sleepouts, conservation activities and overnight trails

For the parents, well, we’re pretty sure that spending time by the pool or going on a game drive will do the trick! For more information on Samara family packages, simply click here.

We definitely suggest having a read of the much-loved Julia Donaldson book, The Ugly Five, in preparation for your holiday! 


2. Go Animal Tracking In The Bush - From Your Own Couch

Wild earth live safaris to promote nature conservationImage source: @wildearthofficial

If packing up the family and heading off on safari seems like a little toooooo much work *we get it*, not to worry, we have things covered!

Simply grab your best safari or bush outfit, slip on those hiking boots, grab the water bottles and cameras aaaaaand sit back and relax! Um, yes, you read that right, sit back and relax thanks to WildEarth, the Youtube channel that allows you to view sunrise and sunset safaris within the comfort of your own home - we like this!

Sunrise safaris start at 06:30am - who said training to be an expert game ranger / tracker / conservationist was easy work?

Learn about all animals in the Kruger National Park (Djuma Private Game Reserve, situated in the Sabi Sands region). 

Create a list of animals in the Kruger, write them down and see how many you can spot! When you spot an animal, make a note and find out one interesting fact about each animal.

Speaking of putting on your favourite boots, take note, moms, these super cute kids Veldskoen are all named after a South African animal and would absolutely complete a safari outfit *perfect birthday present idea*.


3. Bake For Conservation

Kids baking cupcakes

If your little ones are looking for a fun way to make a difference and raise funds for a conservation group, well then cupcakes are the way to go! And we think everybody will be pretty happy with this scenario.

The first job is to find out what your children's favourite wildlife animal is?

  • Elephant 
  • Lion 
  • Buffalo 
  • Rhinoceros
  • Leopard

The next step is to bake easy, delectable cupcakes. We think this vanilla cupcake recipe sounds pretty delicious and is super kiddie-friendly too! Then it’s all about the decorating… That’s where deciding on your favourite wildlife animal comes into play. Mmmmmm, we went with a lion! 

Get decorating… It’s all pretty Roar’some! We thought these lion cupcake decorating ideas were super cute!

Final step - get mom and dad to help you pack and wrap the cupcakes and take them to work to sell for R10 a cake. All proceeds raised can be donated to your favourite wildlife conservation cause - yay for helping the environment and wildlife!

A few conservation causes to consider include:


Wonderdal Loves Nature

Wonder Garden at Wonderdal

That’s right, your favourite Children’s Edutainment Centre is also a big mega lover of nature and nature conservation is very special to us. 

That’s why we (Wonderdal, the Wonder Pals and the Amuki) include a host of activities and programmes related to nature conservation *Can we get an elephant-sized high-five?!* 

Just a few of the excellent nature-inspired activities include:

  • Wonderdal Workshops: our workshops often include activities or themes centred around nature conservation, such as our Under The Sea Workshop which focuses on all the watery wonders under the sea. From kelp to crabs, with plenty to sea (lolz)!
  • For more information about the Wonderdal Workshops, simply click here
  • Tinker Workshop, which forms part of our Seven Interactive Learning Zones, teaches children how to make creative models from recycled materials, as well as all about recycling - which is super important for our planet!
  • The Amuki (the inhabitants of Wonderdal Edutainment Centre) are also on hand to teach little adventurers all about the earth and its different elements. Gomma (Guardian Of Earth) grows all of the Amuki’s food who also loves to burrow in the dirt!
  • Shekku (Guardian Of Water) has a very important job: making the rainfall and rivers run!

Be sure to plan some of your nature-themed weekends at Wonderdal! 

Enjoy all the nature and wildlife conservation time with your little ones; we're sure you'll soon spend all your free family time exploring the best locations to view animals and learn about our exciting natural habitat! 

Happy Conservation Time! X 

Are you looking for more fun activities to be had in and around Cape Town? We created a comprehensive guide of all the best activities to be had, simply click the button below 👇 to get a copy of the guide. 

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The Amuki & Wonderdal Team
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The Amuki & Wonderdal Team

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