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5 Proven Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom

March, 18 2021

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“How about a Zoom at 14:30?”. Gosh, it’s quite something living in the fast-paced digital age that we do. Moms and dads rely on it more than they probably realise… Yes, being able to work remotely, while staying connected to the outside world is the new norm.

And the same can be said for our kids and their world of learning too... Gone are the days when a piece of chalk and a blackboard, along with an encyclopedia were the height of classroom technology (are we giving our age away here moms?)..

Instead, teachers and students now both rely on educational technology for learning - both in the classroom and at home. Technology in the classroom is far more than just a mobile device pushed under a learners nose and told to “Google it”.

Speaking of Google - read a bit more about how Google has entered the classroom here.

Edu-tech, online education and social media now play an important role, alongside educators, to prepare students for a wide world of knowledge, readily available at their fingertips.  

Forget about Geography lessons where all eyes were glued to a stationary plastic globe. Or science lectures where the educator focused solely on rows and rows of symbols that needed to be memorised.. Technology in the classroom has evolved the learning process, not only with new devices on offer but a new way of teaching a vast array of new subjects within the digital age.

Of course, apart from all of the tablets, phones, computers, and apps, the way that technology is incorporated is just as important. Luckily spots like Wonderdal can take some of the new ways of educating to a FUN level.

If you’re looking for something unique, fun and educational to do this weekend, Wonderdal is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained. Click  here to find out more

An interactive Edutainment Centre for kids aged between 5-13 years old incorporates technology and traditional teaching elements into kids learning journeys. But we’ll get back to this learning gem a bit later…

For now, let's take a look at 5 Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom:


1. “AND THEN THERE WAS A MASSIVE CLOUD OF SMOKE!” Attention-Grabbing Lessons

classmates-working-togetherOh yes, we’ll admit it, we were one of those kids in class who used to sit and daydream - a lot. Nothing wrong with that. But kids these days have many outside gadgets and technology that take up their time and attention within the day. To put it simply, lessons can’t, we repeat, they can’t be boring!

Bridging the gap between preparing lessons that are both fun and educational takes on a whole new level these days *insert educational technology here*...

A rather innovative way of introducing technology in the classroom includes participating with other students from around the globe - Ok, time zones would play a part here if live, but luckily we can record too! 

Have an assignment on Rome? No problem! Teachers are now able to connect with a school in Italy (Rome, to be precise), for first-hand information from residents - how cool is that?!

You might need to whip up a tasty spaghetti dish for dins mom and dad - because one always has to eat the local cuisine WHILE learning about that city - obviously *sluuuuurp!*


2. Keep Things Green! Paperless Classrooms…

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 12.40.53The next generation has a whole lot of responsibility on their little shoulders - making up for past generations rather “ün-earth-friendly” decisions. Keeping things green, caring about the environment and making eco-friendly choices is the way things are done these days.

So how can technology in the classroom actually help the earth?

By keeping things paperless, of course! No more standing at copying machines, watching sheets and sheets and sheets of paper piling up *forests and trees are happy*.

Classrooms and schools that have adopted a digital approach make for a more streamlined process. Say goodbye to piles and piles of paper assignments that need to be handed in (and kept safe) - assignments can simply be uploaded via digital platforms and safely stored in the Cloud.

Happy teachers, happy students, and happy earth.


3. Study Buddy…Improves Collaboration 

jkIf you automatically think that technology would isolate students, or keep them from interacting within the classroom - think again!

Teachers across the globe have observed an increased frequency in students actually assisting one another while using technology within the classroom. Many technology-based activities include traditional learning aspects too - resulting in situations where learners require help from teachers or peers and encourage student interaction.

Integrating technology into the classroom seems to significantly boost interaction amongst learners when placed in smaller groups. The more tech-savvy within the group immediately lend a helping hand to those who require more assistance with certain devices or gadgets.

If you’re looking for a guide as to how best to introduce technology to little learners, have a read here.


4. Making Classrooms FUN again! Interactive Edutainment Centres…

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-18 at 10.26.19Technology in the classroom has the ability to take on many forms, including trips to interactive edutainment centres like Wonderdal. The ability to incorporate traditional elements of play-based learning, along with structured edu-tech is a winning combination!

An interactive edutainment centre like Wonderdal combines interactive learning zones that have been specially designed by educational consultants to achieve the ultimate in play-based learning. Seven learning zones, all focusing on specific educational themes, techniques, and interactions.

Integrated edu-tech wrist bracelets play an integral role in the Learning Zones at Wonderdal, with age-appropriate technology to guide and teach.  

If you’re looking for something unique, fun and educational to do this weekend, Wonderdal is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained. Click  here to find out more

5. Every Learner Is Different…Incorporating Different Learning Styles Within The Classroom

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-18 at 10.24.09Not every crayon in the box is the same… The same can be said for little learners. Every child is different and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. It can be challenging for educators to adjust teaching methods to suit everybody.

Enter technology learning zones in the classroom. A similar structure applied to classroom learning, as displayed at Wonderdal - these zones are interactive, foster children’s creativity and curiosity and promote knowledge and skills across a variety of educational themes.

Groups of learners can be assigned to different learning zones within the classroom, providing more of an opportunity for little learners to excel at one or more lessons within the day. 

Keeping lessons interactive: connecting with other schools online, experiencing different attractions across the world (museum tours, planetarium visits or a virtual safari to learn about lions) offer a well-rounded structure to learning within the day.

This type of technology in the classroom also means that it’s possible to incorporate a broader range of topics and subjects, allowing continued and updated curriculums.

So whether you’re little one is gearing up to be the next Einstein or the next great Safari adventurer, with a little help from new technology methods within the classroom, these dreams are even now more of an achievable reality!

Happy Learning! X

If you’re looking for something unique, fun and educational to do this weekend, Wonderdal is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained. Click  here to find out more

The Amuki & Wonderdal Team
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The Amuki & Wonderdal Team

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