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The Best Apps For Kids: Our Wonderdal Kids Weigh In

July, 7 2021

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best apps for kids

Things can get a little tricky when school holidays are in full swing, the Cape Town weather isn’t playing nice (hello Winter!) or mom and dad are simply swamped with work.

“Moooooooommmy - I'm BORED!”. The dreaded words have been echoed... *Grabs tablet or phone and reluctantly hands over the electronic device*. 

We’ve all been there and we will all be in that situation again. But don’t get disheartened moms and dads, we’re here to remind you that technology doesn’t have to be a negative element in the parenting world, in fact, it should be seen as a handy tool that not only fills up portions of an afternoon or morning but can also be super educational too!

The Wonderdal team (including some of the Wonderdal kids) have put together a list of FIVE of the best apps that will give parents peace of mind that the content being viewed is age-appropriate and informative, as well as amusing the little ones with brain-boosting fun!

So before downloading (or buying) another app, have a read through our Wonderdal-kids approved list and let the technology-based fun begin!


1. Phonics Ninja 

phonics ninja app for kids

Popular app for preschool going children

If you’re still trying to get your head around all of the tech lingo and if you (yes mom, we’re talking about you) also need a bit of tech help when it comes to the world of phonics… well this app will have the little one knowing their potato from their potaaaaato in no time!

Phonics Ninja is a spin-off app from the popular Fruit Ninja and helps children improve their reading and phonics skills. Players must slice through the correct phonic blends, digraphs and sounds to advance to the next level. The combination of touch and sound make this a fun game for young children.

Ages: 4+ years

Cost: This is a free app, to download and with no additional in-app purchase fee.

Available from: iOS Apple App Store


2. Quick Math Jr.

Quick math jr. app for kids

Best App For Kids In Primary School

Let math be boring no more! Well, we (and the kids) both feel that should be the catch-phrase for this rather epic math app *we’re getting a little gushy over numbers - sorry, not sorry!* 

And moms and dads, if you, like us, sometimes struggle with, er, *cough* basic number problems, you’ll be happy to know that Quick Math Jr. turns numbers into something fun and interactive - yay!

The app consists of 12 different math games that feature fundamental math skills and concepts. It assists with basic understanding through graphics and buildable characters. All answers are also handwritten or drawn on screen which means handwriting practice is also achieved - another, yay!

Ages: 4-8-year-olds.

Cost: The app is free to download, followed by a monthly subscription.

Available from: iOS Apple App Store


3. Lightbot Code Hour 

Lightbot Code Hour App

Best Beginner Coding App For Kids 

If your little ones have a keen eye for coding - to put it simply moms and dads, that’s the skill of building games, apps and websites… Best you take a look at Lightbot Code Hour - your future little coders will be over the moon with this app!

Lightbot Code Hour introduces kids of all ages to the basic concepts of coding, as well as the logic that computer programmers use to write code. If you think this seems a little too higher grade, think again, the fundamental principles are taught without any actual coding. How?!

The app requires kids to find different pathways by functions that are commonly found in code - clever!

So if you think your little one has a keen sense for coding and computer programming this app is a super fun way to start the coding journey, in a simple, easy and age-appropriate manner.

Ages: 8+ years old 

Cost: Free

Available from: iOS Apple App Store or Android

What do the Wonderdal kids have to say?

“We noticed that our son had taken an interest in games, specifically asking questions such as who makes the games? How do they create the game ideas? How can I make my own game?”. Our knowledge of coding wasn’t very good but thanks to Lightbot Code Hour, both James and us (his parents) have slowly been understanding more about the world of coding. It’s a great stepping-stone coding app, Jennifer, a Camps Bay-based mom. 


4. Pick Your Plate!

pick your plate app for kids

Best Educational App For Geography

Pick Your Plate! lets kids build meals based on nutrition guidelines from a variety of countries around the world. The goal is for kids to take an active role in learning how to maintain a balanced diet, stick to a budget, and meet all their nutritional needs.

As they play, children also learn some interesting facts about the featured countries, such as the currency used in that particular country, as well as the local foods.

How To Play:

  • Pick a country to start playing PICK YOUR PLATE!. 
  • Countries currently available to choose from Mexico, United States, Argentina, Finland, Benin, Lebanon, Cambodia and Australia.
  • Read a short description of your chosen country's dietary guidelines then choose what to eat for breakfast from the available foods - careful not to go over the meal budget. 
  • Each food is also worth a certain number of portion points that represent how much of the daily recommendations that food meets.

We think (know) there will be requests for some worldly dishes for the family mealtimes really soon!

Ages: 6+ years (suitable for those who are able to read or to be assisted by a parent).

Cost: Free *As this is a free app, be sure to read the developer's privacy policy for details on how your (or your kids') information is collected, used, and shared*

Available from: iOS Apple App Store 


5. NASA App...

Nasa app for kids

Best App For Space Facts

Thanks to the NASA app, children get to discover all about the wonderful world of space (and beyond)!

What to expect from the app:

  • Children can read up on facts about planets, NASA Space Programmes, view original NASA photos and videos.
  • Keep up to date with NASA’s launch schedules and the latest news.
  • Track the orbit of the International Space Station.
  • And best of all - the countdown to the next mission launch!

We think that the best way to enjoy this app is with a space cupcake in each hand - naturally!  

Ages: 8+ years.

Cost: Free

Available from: iOS Apple App Store 

What do the Wonderdal kids have to say?

“We’ve been using this app for about 3 months and Ash, my 6-year-old son, has certainly developed a love for geography. He especially likes being able to recognise and match a country to its flag and the app has become a talking point during the show and tell days at school”, says Leila, a mom and writer based in Cape Town.

Now that we’ve shown you just a few of the excellent educational apps available, we just have this left to say - let's get Appy! As well as, if you feel it’s time for a bit of an app break, you can always pop into Wonderdal and interact with the Amuki - we’re known as the best family outing in Cape Town for a reason.

Appy Tech Time! X 

If you're looking for more apps, books, DIY arts, crafts and entertainment then take a look at our jam-packed parent's survival guide to kids entertainment. Click the button below 👇 to get a copy. 

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The Amuki & Wonderdal Team
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The Amuki & Wonderdal Team

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